Breadcrumb for Emacs

The Simple Bookmark Solution

Breadcrumb 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 Released


Add support for XEmacs. Minor fixes and enhancement.


Breadcrumb Project Moved to


The Breadcrumb project has been moved to and hosted there.

Breadcrumb 1.1 Released


Version 1.1 has been released after a long time since version 1.0. The basic functions in version 1.0 have been working pretty well and it wasn't compelling to do another release.

I looked at it again last week to do some cleanup. One thing led to another, a whole bunch features were added.


Breadcrumb 1.0 Released


Version 1.0 is released. The main set of functions is there. I wasn't satisfied with any of the bookmarking solutions in Emacs, and decided to roll my own. Breadcrumb is the outcome of it.